Shopping Mall Valuations

Online shopping will impact customers activities at shopping malls. Shopping malls are now required to be well maintained and upgraded frequently.

Many retail products that may now be purchased online and shipped directly to customers was once the base product available primarily only in shopping malls.

How will the impact of online shopping impact future valuations of retail shopping malls? Will Mall operators and owners have increasing or decreasing leverage over lease rates?

The question is: Should I rent or buy?

You may believe it is best to own your primary residence. You may believe that it is best for you to rent your primary residence.

Have you made that rent or buy decision based upon your employment options or requirements?

Do you prefer that your primary office is located in your home or in a separate office facility? Is your present office located in your employer’s facility, your home, or both locations as needed?

I believe owning real estate to rent to private individuals and families is a wise investment today.

Residential real estate is going to…

Residential real estate has recovered from the crash of 2007. It has recovered more than true valuations based on supply and demand would cause.

Interest rates from the 2007 crash have been forced to low levels that made the use of capital mandatory. That mandatory use included the purchasing of real estate, both business and residential.

Whether you agree or disagree with this thesis, what do you expect commercial and residential real estate valuations to move over the next year?

Office Condos

I work from home and / or from my employer’s facility. If you would prefer a different arrangement, what might that be?

Would you be interested in buying a commercial office condominium space for your business?

Are you familiar with the office condo concept?

My Office

I work at my employer’s facility. Since the work is primarily office, phone, and communication work, my current arrangement serves my employer and me well.

I selected my home based primarily upon how much I could afford, but also because it is near my employer’s office.

Good location for my family’s needs is the single most important aspect of my real estate decision. I don’t object to driving anything less than one hour each way for work.

Do you agree?