Real Estate Survey Center

1.  I live in an:
Urban single family house Suburban single family house
Urban multi-family town house Suburban multi-family town house
Urban high-rise Suburban high-rise
Other: Farm-style house

2.  I work at:
Corporate headquarters Company's local office
Home office Other:

3.  Select all -- if any -- statements that you agree with.
I selected my last home based primarily upon how much I could afford.
Location is the single most important aspect of real estate valuation.
I don't object to driving anything less than one hour each way for work.
I believe owning real estate to rent out is a wise investment today.
I believe it is best to own my primary residence.
I believe it is best to rent my primary residence.

4.  My office is located in my:
Company's facility
I work from both locations.

5.  I prefer that my primary office is located in my:
Company's facility

6.  I bought my current home large enough to allow me to set up a comfortable home office.

7.  Large companies are promoting collaborative work from home with information sharing over private intranets and the Internet. This reduces the economy's total need for office space. This trend will cause commercial real estate to decline in value.

8.  Small business needs less office space since they use technology (Internet, etc.) to link workers at home.

9.  I would be interested in buying commercial office condominium space for myself.
I am not familiar with this concept.

10. I am: Female

11.  My age group is: Under 10 11-20 21-29 30-39 40-49
50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90 & over
12. How did you find Wall Street Journal Just looking around the Internet A friend
USA Today Business associate Search engine
A News magazine A blog named: Linked from:

I live in the following country or state:

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